thisiswendy-runawaywithme replied to your post: “this is lame I’m lame sorry”:


Thank you! Haha, I sorta tried!

Jul 24 11:49

For only twelve easy payments of $23.99, I’d be a fool not to.

Jul 24 11:49

wow I just wasted several minutes watching that 50 shades of grey trailer

but it was worth it because 


dear god if someone doesn’t release that new recording of crazy in love ASAP I’m gonna lose my shit

Jul 24 8:48 ( 3 )

this is lame I’m lame sorry

Jul 24 8:36 ( 2 )

67-68/100 - 100 Pictures from Filming Supernatural

Jul 24 7:38 ( 347 )


Sneaker Pimps | 6 Underground

Jul 24 7:37 ( 921 )

Some dude liked my singing enough to buy me a shot of fireball. Heh.

Jul 24 0:57 ( 2 )

colettecapricious replied to your post: “I didn’t plan on going to the bar for karaoke night but here we are….”:

Which song?

Walkin After Midnight, because I am severely lacking in my Patsy repertoire, tbh.

Jul 23 23:42

I didn’t plan on going to the bar for karaoke night but here we are.

Patsy Cline, FTW.

Jul 23 23:25 ( 1 )

I just spent the last two hours in a meeting where my grown-ass man of a boss danced in dressed like Superman sprinkling “customer service dust” (glitter) on us and we were shown inspirational scenes from football movies.

… I am going back to bed.

Jul 23 9:52 ( 2 )